John Raabe, DDS
Chris Harvan, DMD, MBA

155 Cook St. Suite 351,
Denver, CO 80206
While Integrated TMJ Partners of Denver is a blossoming clinic, its parent clinic, Raabe Family Dentistry, has been in the game for over a century. Since 1907, Raabe Family Dentistry has been serving families in Colorado. It stared when John Raabe's grandfather, Max M. Raabe, opended his practice in the mining boomtown of Leadville, relocating to Denver, CO in 1922. John's father, Max H. Raabe, joined the business after practicing in the Army's 10th Mountain Division during World War II. His Army dental office existed on the back of mule!

What causes TMJ headaches?

TMJ disorders frequently result when the chewing muscles, the teeth and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) do not work together properly. The common causes are stress, neck and shoulder tightness and clenching.

Is TMJ curable?

TMJ Headaches/Migraines can become a chronic problem associated with muscle damage to the head, neck, back or TMJ.

"John Raabe, DDS & Chris Harvan, DMD, MBA are skilled in treating individuals and bringing headache relief and pain relief to those who suffer from TMJ pain and migraine symptoms. Proper comprehensive therapy and treatment is necessary for improvement of your symptoms."

John Raabe, DDS

Dr. John Raabe, DDS

Received his B.S. in Perceptual Physiology from University of Michigan in 1984.

Graduated from University of Colorado Dental School in 1990.

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  • iTMJ Mission Statement

The mission of iTMJ is to diagnose, educate, treat, and partner with our patients to support their immediate and sustained well being. We do this by offering compassionate, high quality comprehensive dental, medical, and complementary health care modalities whereby each patient is empowered to take an active, committed role in his/her own healing process.

"As you, the patient, examine our web Site and our treatment protocols, you will begin to understand why we have a great deal of success in helping people like you."

TMD (TMJ Dysfunction), headaches, as well as Migraines may be elusive and frustrating to patients as well as the treating doctor, because the causes and mechanism of such symptoms are not always well defined and understood. That is why Dr. Raabe has taken the time and effort to become well educated and to understand these problems and implement the services and conservative therapies and natural methodologies necessary to help many patients.

John Raabe, DDS & Chris Harvan and thier staff are committed to the most comprehensive approach for treating TMD and Migraine patients without medications.